ELI Asia Newsletter Q1 2024

“The training of a local church leader involves various elements to equip individuals for their role. This includes engaging in in-depth biblical studies to gain a strong foundation in scriptures. Leaders also delve into theological principles and beliefs through the study of doctrine. Skills such as hermeneutics and exegesis enable leaders to accurately interpret and understand the Bible. Local church leader training also includes learning the principles of Christian ministry, including pastoral care, church administration, leadership, discipleship, evangelism, worship, and practical aspects of serving a congregation effectively.” – Pastor Nicky Joya

Are You Looking for Biblical Equipping?

Evangelical Leadership Institute Asia seeks to enable Christian leaders to acquire theological and ministerial education equivalent to those offered in Bible colleges, without leaving their churches for a long time. The goal of the program is to train Christian leaders and workers for ministry, while in ministry without having to leave their secular or full-time Christian vocations.

The ELI Asia Leadership Programs are designed in such a way that face-to-face lectures and classroom discussions, and independent readings and research are integrated. If your church is seeking to equip your pastors and lay leaders biblically, you may prayerfully consider partnering with ELI Asia. You may reach us through e-mail at trainingministers@gmail.com

Our ministry of providing affordable ministerial and theological training to pastors and lay leaders is made possible by the financial support of individuals and churches. Every seed that is sown is used to fulfill our mission of equipping leaders for effective church ministry.


Donors in the Philippines may deposit their financial gifts to Triune Biblical Asia, BPI Family Savings Bank, Better Living Branch, SA 6253-1824-05.


Donors in the US may send their checks to World Ministries P.O. Box 491656 Leesburg, FL 34749-1656. Please write the designation for your gift on the memo of your check (i.e. ELI ASIA)

You may also choose to send your support electronically by using this LINK

World Ministries will issue a tax-deductible receipt.

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  • tito Castillon

    Thankyou ELI ASIA praying that the Lord may sustain and bless your ministries so that many church leaders and Pastors will be equipped theologically

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