Testimony Wednesdays | Sis. Mickey N. Alcain

I thank the Lord for bringing Eli Asia to our local church. Everytime I attend sessions from hermeneutics courses to theology surveys, every topic instantly becomes my favorite because I get fresh knowledge of who God is.

And even when Covid 19 came and the pandemic kept us glued within the four corners of our homes, Eli Asia continued their agenda of equipping believers via virtual class.

I am grateful and humbled by the fact that the teachers accumulated all this wisdom and knowledge from studying the Scriptures, and we get to benefit or reap from what they have sown and worked hard for, by the grace of God.

All we need to do is to prepare our hearts and minds each week to meet the Lord along with other believers, and absorb all the wonderful truths about God and adore Him even more.

It is such an honor to know Him especially at times like this, the last days, when believing in Jesus is ludicrous to the unbelieving, as well as it is risky. Many false teachers are out there enticing people with prosperity, man-centered, unbiblical teaching.

But with Eli Asia, they focus on God, and what He said in the Bible. I will never forget the words of our teacher Pastor Nicky, and I quote, “God is not obligated to save anyone. Buti nga may sinave pa Siya e”. Indeed!

As a result, I am able to share some of the truths I learned with my children, and people I share the Word of God with. I am no longer afraid that I might pass on unbiblical information

I would say though that sometimes I feel overwhelmed because I can not absorb the nitty-gritty of the lesson in one go. Good thing the videos are recorded and are always available. So I can watch old lessons to enjoy the learnings about God yet again while looking forward to the new ones yet to be discussed. But I am awestruck every time.

Indeed the Word of God is inexhaustible. I will forever be grateful to God for the privilege of knowing Him through His Holy Word and through the teachers He used to equip the church, in this case, Eli Asia.

I hope and pray more Christians will enroll themselves in institutions like this, that teach biblical doctrine. God bless Eli Asia!!!



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